Accutron Mystery Watch

"The Watch that Ticks"

Still can't indentify it for sure? Well this pic of the watch with the back removed may help:

accutron-guts.jpg - 42.68 K

Yes indeed, even Accutrons were not safe from the dreaded counterfeiters! And this watch is testimony to the fact that people actually bought them believing them to be the real thing. This example was taken to Paul Schliesser by its new owner who wanted a battery fitted as it wasn't working. Hmmm.....excuse the pun.

Many of you older Watch Repairers will recognize this movement as being very common in el-cheapo watches in the 60's and 70's, before the advent of cheap quartz watches. It is a Swiss pin-lever movement, made by Baumgartner (cal. BFG 866) available in up to 7 jewels (if I recall correctly). They were in production for at least 20 years, and can even be found listed in the 1957 edition of the WMDAA parts catalog. Despite the seemingly poor quality finish of the plates, they were quite well made and gave reliable and trouble-free service. What's more, you never had to replace the battery!