Accutron 214 Coil Repair Service

Although we are not doing any coil rewinds at the moment, we can repair faulty coils that still have good coils but still may not work due to bad components. We replace any bad components with either genuine original components or new components specially made to look the same as the originals. So, the coils will look identical which is important for originality, especially for Spaceviews.

Please see the pics below which show the places where to check for coil continuity. The ohms values shown may vary somewhat from the values given, however will serve to determine if the coil is open or not.

Please email me for details on where/how to send your watch. Click Here!

214 2 wire coil (1967-1977)

214 3 wire coil (1963 to 1966)

214 2 wire coil (1960 to 1962)