Reader's Watches

If you have a pic of your Tuning Fork watch you would like to share with us, mail it in!
Note: If you have sent a pic in and I haven't posted it up yet, please re-send as I lost a whole lot of images.

A very sweet 1971 218D, complete with original box and papers, owned by Sumio Oishi of Tokyo, Japan.
An Accutron collection to die for! With custom built cabinet what's more. Proudly owned by Bruce Brown of South Dakota.
Charlie Krohn from L.A owns this 18K 218, manufactured 1965. Not that many 18K watches around.
An exceptionally nice 1967 SS 214 assymetrical with a florentined bezel, and an equally lovely 1967 SS 218. Both owned by Paul Delury, Perth, Western Australia.
Here's an unusual one...Ed Long from Belvidere, Illinois purchased this 219, brand new in 1977
jarba.jpg - 15.99 K John Arba's fine 1970's Spaceview. This watch also has the Hack feature....very useful indeed!
accutron8.jpg - 14.09 K A very nice (and may I say quite rare) 1960 two-tone assymetrical 214, the pride and joy of Leon Miranda.
alpha.jpg - 36.05 K This is a fine example of an Accutron Alpha, owned by Dave Ponta. Nice to see an original 214 that hasn't been given the dreaded "spaceview" treatment.
accclk.jpg - 20.31 K Owned by Dennis Patt, San Bernardino, CA.. This MAGNIFICENT Accutron clock was presented to Dennis's Father in June 1972, for 25 years service with Bulova. It has a 214 movement and still works fine. Wow!
218m9.jpg - 13.17 K Owned by Dennis Patt, San Bernardino, CA.. Originally purchased new in 1970, it was manufactured in 1969 (m9). 14K case and back, with yellow face and in fine running condition.
accutron2183.jpg - 17.11 K A very unusual 2183 with spectacular embossed Cadillac dial. Owned by Rusty Hanewacker, San Jose.
jerrys218.jpg - 14.03 K A really nice classic 218D, 1971 vintage obtained with original box and papers. Owned by Jerry Meier.
14k_2180.jpg - 17.18 Kebony.jpg - 18.43 K A 14kt 2180 and a ebony 2181, "daily wear" watches owned by James B. Baril, of Florida.
avacc.jpg - 24.89 K Is this a rare Accutron or what! This Aircraft 214 is owned by Barry Billingsley of San Diego.
tm9092.jpg - 22.96 K A very rare 1971 Offset Accutron 218, owned by Tom Dunn of Time Machine
louie.jpg - 30.32 K "Louie The Lug", a beautiful solid 18k 1961 Spaceview. Owned by Anthony Munn.
black-u-tron1.jpg - 13.39 K Accutron 214 Astronaut, sent in by Mark Petry of San Jose, Cal.
buickaccutron.jpg - 19.83 K A rare 218 Accutron Buick Presentation watch. Presented to R.B. Daniel for 25 yrs. Service. Owned by John Shult, Waterford, MI.
markpetry.jpg - 15.69 K 1965 Accutron 214, sent in by Mark Petry of San Jose, Cal.
larry1.jpg - 24.27 K A very pretty assymetrical 214, from Larry Kindrachuk, Windsor, Canada.