Accutron Watch Page Repair Service

I am happy to say that I am able to take on repair work again.

Please note: If your watch is not humming even with a new battery, it may need a new coil or coil set. Due to the high cost of coils these days (eg. 214 coils are generally around $85, 218 coils around $45 and Esa coils around $75.00) this may significantly increase repair cost. Of course, you are welcome to supply your own parts to save money. Parts are getting very expensive these days everywhere. Availability of watch parts on Ebay seems to have levelled parts prices across the board. For Accutrons, hence there's mostly no such thing as wholesale or trade prices for parts for repairmen any more, but I do supply parts at my cost price to help keep repair charges down. Also, I repair vintage mechanical watches of all types as well. Repair charges are the same as for Accutrons.

Current Price (in USD) for 2022 is:
Please email me for details on where/how to send your watch. Click Here!

Payment: I accept payment by Paypal only.

Turnaround time: When I repair watches, I like to test run them for at least 2-4 days to make sure that everything is 100% OK before I return them. Tuning fork watches take around 24 hours to stabilize after being dismantled and reassembled, so the final rate can't be set until at least then. So please allow about 3-5 weeks turnaround time, including postage time. Registered post usually takes around 10 days each way.

Some notes on the repairing of vintage watches: It should be noted that I cannot guarantee the waterproofness of any vintage watch. Even if the gaskets have been replaced, usually the crown seals are worn and in most cases can't be replaced. 214 crown gaskets can be replaced, but even so, 214's are not waterproof, even though it may say so on the case. In later years, Bulova stopped marking them as waterproof, for good reason. Sometimes crystals can leak if the case has dings or damage to the bezel or case top, or if it has a crystal that was not fitted properly. Even in the best circumstances, any vintage watch should be regarded as not even splash resistant, let alone shower proof or dive resistant. If you keep this in mind, then your watch will serve you well.

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