Some info about myself...

I am a full time watch repairer, living in Bangkok Thailand for the past 22 years, formerly living in Perth, Western Australia. My interest in horology began more than 40 years ago, when someone gave me a watch in pieces. It was an old Omega, cal 501, and I was fascinated by the beautiful workmanship of its construction.

At that time, I was working in electronics, and had been asked to service a watch-timing machine for a watchmaker. So, after pestering him for a while, he relented and taught me the basics of watchmaking over a period of a few years.

This practical experience was supplemented by books, and my "Bible" of watchmaking remains to this day Donald De Carle's book "Practical Watch Repairing", as well as other well-known works. (- and I finally got that old Omega back together and working!)

My interest in Accutrons began in the mid-70's when my father returned from a trip to the U.S, sporting a new Accutron Spaceview, though it was ten years or so later before I was to actually own an Accutron myself. They were not a watch commonly found in Western Australia, and you guessed it, my first one was Dad's old Spaceview! He reckoned his new Seiko Digital was the best thing ever!

I still retain a strong interest in watchmaking, and service Accutrons and any other tuning fork watches as well as vintage mechanical watches of all types.