Spaceview Conversions

With the large numbers of converted Accutron Spaceviews available on the Internet, particularly auction sites, there has been increasing controversy among Accutron Collectors as to which ones are genuine and which ones are conversions.

This page shows a number of watches which I believe are conversions and I give my reasons for each one. It must be remembered that for a Spaceview to be considered genuine, a number of factors must be present, not just one or two (See "Is my Spaceview a Conversion or Original?". Many varieties of interchangeable parts were available and probably occasionally used by Bulova along with the most commonly seen ones. As yet, no definitive information has come to light, so we have to make the best of what we have.

Second hand wrong. White hands look almost ok. Wrong Crystal
Baton type hands wrong, not sure about case style.
These are "Railroad" hands, painted white
Once again we have Baton hands. Suitable for a watch about 5 yrs younger.
Wrong hands, non-luminous reflector. If watches could feel, this one would surely be embarrased to be seen without its dial.
Home-painted hands. What's worse, very poor choice of red paint!
Wrong hands, non-luminous reflector, incorrect crystal, early type coils, but has a hack spring. This one started life with a dial for sure.
Painted hands again. Oh Boy, this is getting monotonous! Where DID they get that crystal??
The hands look good, but not sure if this particular variation of Assymetrical case style was available as a Spaceview
Once again, painted hands in an attempt to make it look better. Interesting approach...a half painted second hand.
Goodness Gracious Me! A Fluorescent Accutron! You gotta be kidding!

Never before has the term "caveat emptor" been more appropriate for Watch Collectors. Next to Rolex replicas, I think Accutrons Spaceviews are probably the most commonly "faked" watch. Also, many people are buying watches from Internet auction sites and then reselling them hoping to make a quick profit. The second watch on the list is one such example. I have seen this particular watch (easily identifiable by a unique stain on the crystal) for sale by at least three different vendors.

I hope the above examples give you a "feel" of what converted watches are all about. Self-education is the best weapon against being ripped-off and ending up with a "kitchen table conversion".