The Accutron 219

219 front (dial side) view. 219 back view.

Manufacturer: Bulova Watch Company Inc.
Dimensions: 28.75mm x 4.4 (6.1 o/a)
Commencement of Manufacture: 1972
Tuning Fork Frequency: 360 Hz
Index Wheel: 320 teeth
Derived Calibres 2191, 2192, 2193


The 219 is a very interesting version of the Accutron, being derived directly from the 218. Some say it was designed by the Citizen Watch Co. (who were building 218's for Bulova). It has Bulova USA on the movement, but there's no reason to believe that at least some parts didn't come from Citizen. This movement is clearly designed for maximum economy of production. You will notice that it has only one drive coil. The other side of the tuning fork is simply a mass to balance the fork. The single coil also contains the feedback winding. The circuit components are mounted on a fibreglass circuit board and have been spread out over a large area (for greater ease of manufacture). The jewel bearings, previously little "chatons" with endstones have been replaced by single press fitted jewels. This reduced the jewel count of 13 in the 218 to 7 in this movement. Surface finishing was limited to only where it was required for functionality, which would have helped in reducing the cost of production of these movements. They dispensed with one coil, simplified the manufacture of the electronics, simplified the jewelling, simplified the train bridge, simplified the train wheels by removing the need for accurate length control, and at the same time could still use the 218 production line to make the parts. In fact, many of the parts used were from the 218, especially day/date parts.The Model 2190, listed in their Technical Data Sheet, was never manufactured, only the 2191, 2192 and 2193. The 219 works just as well as the 218, and is very collectible.