Why I am asking for Paypal Donations?

July 20th 2009

Sorry to add the Paypal request on the front page, I know it's a tough time for everyone at the moment.

I have recently spent 3 1/2 years in hospital and had 14 big surgeries on my back. I have been home now for about 18 months, but my mobility is still very limited, and the prognosis doesn't look too great. As you can imagine, it has pretty much sent me broke, as none of my hospitalization was covered by my insurance. I think that hurt more than the operations! So if you can help keep this page going, I'd really appreciate that very much.

The Accutron Watch Page is really the first technical information site on Accutrons on the net. Back then in 1997, there was George Fruge The Accutron Man, but his site was really just to get work, and it disappeared after a couple of years. But I'm still going!

My email on Paypal is the same as for this site: fotoplot@iinet.net.au. Any amount gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance :-)